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Solution For Consumers

One stop solution for all things payment. Enabling fast and secure trasactions while you chat


Make payments at the speed of chats.

Whether you are sending money to your parents or topping up the airtime on your phone. Or maybe you are renewing that data bundle that just got exausted or is it the cable TV subscription. It has never been as fast and easy and just a chat away.

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Perform financial transactions just by Chatting

NebulaPay is available on an easy to use chat interface designed to ensure that you enjoy every bit of the process while performing a financial transaction. You can chat with NebulaPay just as you would chat with that special person in your life.

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Social (Group) Payment

Share bills with your close friends.

With Group Payment on NebulaPay, You can share bills with your friends. So, When next you go hanging out with friends or you're in a party and need to pay, Pay together with your friends.

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Micro Loans

Get easy access to Micro Loans without collateral or documents

Take a Loan

Funds Transfer

Send money to your parents without any hassle. Just tell NebulaPay to do it for you.

Send Money

Airtime Top-up

Tell NebulaPay to buy you airtime and you phone will be topped immediately.

Buy Airtime

Cable TV

Don't let the subscription expire when your favorite team is about to score.

Renew CableTV

Data Bundles

Keep up with friends and family on the internet, Subscribe to a data bundle.

Buy Data

Electricity Bill

Paying for electricity doesn't have to be so stressful anymore.

Pay Electric Bill